METKA EGN, until today a 50.1% owned subsidiary of METKA S.A., is pleased to announce the completion of the merger of METKA S.A. with its parent company, MYTILINEOS S.A.  As a result MYTILINEOS S.A. is now the direct shareholder of the 50.1% shareholding in METKA EGN, and METKA EGN becomes part of a larger organization with diversified cash flows, a stronger balance sheet and greater financial flexibility.

METKA EGN will continue its focus on delivering utility-scale solar power and energy storage projects to its clients globally, while also leveraging the increased financial capacity to expand the project development and financing aspects of METKA EGN’s solution portfolio.

METKA EGN is a joint venture between MYTILINEOS S.A. and the EGNATIA Group, focused on development and construction of utility scale projects for the global solar power and energy storage markets. The company serves major international clients primarily in the markets of Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and the Americas. Further information is available on the company web-site at