METKA EGN has recently entered an agreement with Coles, the second largest super market chain in Australia, for a 10 year electricity supply contract (PPA). The electricity will derive exclusively from renewable sources.

Specifically, 220 GW/h will be produced annually to power Australia’s electricity system through three privately owned by METKA EGN photovoltaic parks in the New South Wales Region. With the use of solar energy, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 180,000 tonnes per year.

Coles’ wide network of stores will cover 10% of its energy needs by purchasing 70% of the power generated by the three METKA EGN projects with total capacity of 120MW.

Construction of the photovoltaic parks (as part of the first 250MW total investment portfolio of production licenses / under a “Build, Operate & Transfer” model acquired by METKA EGN in 2019) is scheduled to begin immediately, with facilities expected to start supplying Coles and the grid in July 2020.

Coles is today one of Australia’s leading retail chains, with more than 2,500 stores nationwide. With this partnership, METKA EGN marks its dynamic entry in the Australian market, and now has presence in all five continents.

METKA EGN is internationally established as a provider of clean energy solutions, in an economic and business environment that seeks outlets to reduce carbon emissions as a result of increased political pressure and public opinion. MYTILINEOS is committed to sustainable development through the protection of the environment and the use of renewable energy sources.

The contract value for METKA EGN is AU $ 91m. (Approx. € 55.5 million).