MYTILINEOS through the Renewables and Storage Development (RSD) Business Unit has been established as one of the top 10 EPC constructors around the world, with its unique know-how across the range of solar power projects. Being present in 5 continents, MYTILINEOS undertakes complex and demanding projects standing out by quality-driven and prompt delivery, a hallmark of the company’s profile worldwide.

Despite the challenging conditions that emerged due to the pandemic, MYTILINEOS continues succeeding and taking over projects all around the world. This is how the Company showcases its steadfast attachment to business continuity and its ability to adapt to adverse circumstances safeguarding first and foremost the safety of its associates.

It is hereby officially announced that the Company has been proclaimed as the contractor of the ‘Pampa Tigre’ project in the Antofaghsata region of Chile. This project involves the construction of a solar farm of 118.4 MWp by Mainstream Renewable Power company.

The construction is set to be completed in September 2021 while the interconnection with the grid is expected in November 2021. This is the Company’s fifth solar farm project in Chile (168,7 MWp Atacama II, 10,4 MWp Eclipse, 3MWp RLA, 3MWp La Manga) a fact confirming that the Company has built a solid basis in the difficult market of Latin America.

The ‘Pampa Tigre’ project is part of a broader renewable energy sources project by Mainstream in Chile that encompasses 3 wind farms of 425 MW total capacity and two solar farms with a total capacity of 205 MW.
In the field of Energy Storage, MYTILINEOS is announcing a new battery energy storage system (BESS) contract with Gresham House (Byers Brae Project) in Scotland.

The BESS systems are supporting increased penetration of intermittent renewables into the energy mix. More specifically, they provide ancillary services necessary to ensure the reliability and stability of the grid, and to also generate revenues by storing energy at times of low demand and releasing it back to the grid when there is increased demand.

In the Byers Brae Project, the battery is of 30MW providing approximately 30MWh to the grid. The time period between the Notice to Proceed (NTP) and the date of Commercial Operation (COD) is estimated at 4.5 months, with works taking place under covid-19 restrictions environment.

Finally, MYTILINEOS actively supports the national target of lignite phase-out and contributes its know-how also in demanding national projects. Recently, it has been proclaimed a contractor and has kicked-off the construction of PPC RENEWABLES SA project ‘Design, Civil Engineer Projects, Procurement, Transmission, Installation and Set in Operation of one (1) solar farm with a Nominal Value at 14,99MW in Paliampela position, in Eordaia Municipality, Regional District of Kozani and (1) Outdoor (kiosk) Substation of 20kV/150kV’.

The project’s budget stands at approximately €10 mn and its construction is expected to last 14 months since the awarding date.

This is the first part of PPC RENEWABLES SA mega project in the region in the context of its strategic planning for further development in clean forms of energy.

MYTILINEOS is bidding for demanding solar energy projects around the world and stands out amongst top EPC constructors worldwide.