METKA EGN announces the signing of a series of new battery energy storage systems (BESS) contracts with its long-term client Gresham House in the United Kingdom.


The new contracts include full turn-key engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions for four new sites as well as expansion of the battery energy storage systems at four existing sites. Total installed capacity of the new projects exceeds 150MW, with more than 275MWh of new battery energy storage.

These systems are supporting increased penetration of intermittent renewables into the energy mix. More specifically, they provide ancillary services necessary to ensure the reliability and stability of the grid, and to also generate revenues by storing energy at times of low demand and releasing it back to the grid when there is increased demand.

The value of the new contracts amounts to approximately €105m.

These new BESS projects follow on from the similar projects completed in 2017 and 2018 for the same client, which provided Fast Frequency Response (FFR) and other ancillary services to the National Grid in the UK.


Execution of the projects is already advanced, with one of the new sites and the expansions already completed, while the remainder of the portfolio will be completed in Q1 2020. Upon completion, METKA EGN will have installed battery energy storage systems in the United Kingdom with a total capacity of 230MW with energy storage of 315MWh, further strengthening its positioning as one of Europe’s market leading solution providers for utility scale battery energy storage systems.